Meet Volvo Group Employees

Are you wondering what it is like to work at Volvo Group?

It means teaming up with some of the sharpest brains in the industry - almost 100,000 employees across 190 markets. Whether it is in the details of the products we imagine, design and build, the solutions we sell or the service we give to our customers, we bring passion to our daily work.

Here is a selection of our stories describing what fuels our passion every day and how each one of us in our own way gets to shape the world we want to live in.

Anna Theander at Volvo Group works with traffic accidents

“My job is to save lives”

Anna Theander is passionate about safety and is the head of Volvo Group’s Accident Research Team. “The future in the field of safety looks bright,” she says.

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Gustav Carlsson at Volvo Group works with electrification

“Good to work with something that will change the world”

For the past three years, Gustav Carlsson has worked on the development of Volvo Trucks’ electromobility offering as a Product Owner Simulation.

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Camilla Vitelli at Volvo Group works with leadership and empowerment

“Empowerment and accountability is crucial”

Camilla Vitelli has worked within Volvo Group since 2006. Her current role, as Vice President of FVV (Features, Verification & Validation), is all about inspiring her staff.

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Christian Grante, director emerging technologies at Volvo Group

“I have the coolest job in Volvo Group”

Christian Grante, director emerging technologies, has the enviable and challenging job of following and predicting technological advances.

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Carin Larsson at Volvo Group works with UX product design

“I’m exactly where I want to be”

Carin Larsson, chief UX designer, began working at Volvo Group in 2006 after graduating from Ume? Institute of Design with a master’s degree in Interaction Design.

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Bruno Duchet at Volvo Group works with active safety and warning systems

“Safety always comes first”

Bruno Duchet works on active safety and warning systems for medium trucks. It has given him the chance to combine two of his major interests: road safety and technology.

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Ronetta Stoner, Vice President Finance Planning & Analysis at Volvo Group

“Volvo Group is part of my DNA”

After applying for a position in 1995, Ronette Stoner’s long journey with Volvo Group has taken her from the US to China, Belgium and Sweden.?Her career in finance has involved taking a wide range of roles and challenges.

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Fernando Esguerra, project engineer at Volvo Group

“This is more than a job”

Originally from Colombia, Fernando Esguerra now works as a project engineer in Sweden. “I’m investing my time, knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me,” he says.

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Alexandra Hultberg, intern at Volvo Group

“People make our organization succeed”

Alexandra Hultberg’s position as junior human resources business partner began with an internship. “If you want to be part of something that will have a huge impact on the future, come to Volvo Group,” she says.

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