Collaboration is key to progress when it comes to Road Traffic Safety. Volvo Group are involved in many partnerships.

Together we get safer

Safety Partnerships and Collaboration

Volvo Group’s road to increased road traffic safety never ends. Our safety vision is a challenging one – but we are not alone on this journey. We believe that progress is achieved by sharing and working together.

Volvo Group works actively and in close cooperation with the academic world, governments and other industry players in order to further advance knowledge, regulations, and development of new solutions for safer transport systems.

Below are examples of our many partnerships.

Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety logo

Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety

Volvo Group is part of the High-level Consultative Committee for the conference. “Achieving Global Goals 2030” is the theme for participating countries, industry representatives and non-governmental organizations. The event is co-sponsored by the United Nations through their agency World Health Organization (WHO).

Road Safety Sweden
China-Sweden-Research Centre logo

China-Sweden-Research Centre for Traffic Safety

Volvo Group was part of founding this road safety collaboration between China and Sweden. Together with a number of top universities, institutes and industry partners from both countries, various research projects are being undertaken concerning safety. Another area of focus is to support government decision-making in matters of traffic safety.

Safety center at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden logo


The safety center at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden is a competence arena where partners from the automotive industry, universities and authorities cooperate within traffic safety research and safe mobility. Volvo Group has been a major partner of the innovation arena since its founding in 2006.

Safer Research
CIDAS (China In-depth Accident Study) logo

China In-depth Accident Study

Started in 2011, this is a detailed database of road accidents in China. CIDAS has its own investigation team that cooperates with traffic police on site when an accident has occurred. Six different cities are covered in the database to give a broad understanding of the many different road types and economic situations represented in China.

SITIS logo


Volvo Group took initiative to create The Sweden/India Transport Innovation and Safety Partnership. The partnership aims to build a bilateral platform that fosters innovation and develops technologies and solutions that address key traffic safety challenges. SITIS also wants to support the development of a safer and more sustainable transport system in India.

Vision Zero Academy logo

Vision Zero Academy

The Swedish Road Agency has a long history of working with Vision Zero. They regularly hold courses where government authorities, industry representatives, municipalities and NGO:s can learn how a safe road transport system can be created. The idea of Vision Zero as a policy innovation, and how this could affect working methods, is also taught.

Vision Zero Academy
Volvo Traffic Safety Program and Exhibition Center in Brazil

Volvo Traffic Safety Program and Exhibition Center in Brazil

Volvo Group’s commitment to safety has been ongoing in Brazil for over 30 years. In 2017 the work with Volvo Traffic Safety Program was awarded the “IRF Global Road Achievement Awards” in Safety by the International Road Federation.

Another step towards building awareness is the Safety Exhibition Center in Curitiba. The exhibition is sponsored by Volvo Group and has had over 32.000 visitors during its first few years.

Safety Exhibition Center
Youth for Road Safety - Yours logo

Youth for Road Safety - Yours

Youth for Road Safety gathers over 200 young leaders from across the world to take action regarding the biggest public health threat of their time – road traffic crashes. The Assembly will explore road safety and crosscutting solutions to challenge the number one cause of death for youth aged 15-29.

World Youth Assembly for Road Safety
Global Road Safety Initiative

Global Road Safety Initiative

The Global Road Safety Initiative, GRSI, lays particular emphasis on low- and middle-income countries. These countries account for only one-half of the world’s vehicles, but they suffer 90% of road-related fatalities, a percentage that is rising in line with motorization rates.

Volvo Group has been involved in the creation of the initiative and its pilot project Road Safety Partnership for India.

Read the manifesto (PDF)

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