Moving business and society forward

Moving business and society forward

Societal Engagement

Volvo Group’s approach to societal engagement consists of shared value activities, disaster relief, donations and community support. It involves driving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, establishing strategic partnerships and encouraging employee participation in volunteering opportunities.

For the Volvo Group, creating shared value involves moving both our business and society forward. We enhance our competitiveness while simultaneously advancing the economic, environmental and social conditions of the societies in which we operate. The highest potential for mutual benefit is where our business significantly interacts with society. Therefore, our selected focus areas are:

  • Education and skills development
  • Traffic and worksite safety
  • Environmental sustainability

Within these areas we carefully select activities connected to our vision, business goals and core competencies as well as to local societal needs.?

Kids standing behind a blue kids truck

Improving traffic and worksite safety

Volvo Group runs traffic and site safety programs for drivers and operators all over the world.

Our traffic safety campaign Stop, Look, Wave focuses on professional drivers, school children and local communities. The program promotes safety awareness for children in their immediate environment, with the help of specific training kits.

Similar to Stop Look Wave, the Volvo Truck’s See and Be Seen programme aims to improve understanding of how unprotected road users and trucks can interact in traffic. The initiative focuses specifically on cyclists and schoolchildren from the age of 12 years.

To read more about our traffic and worksite safety activities, please visit our?Annual and Sustainability Report (PDF, 10.7MB).

Environmental sustainability

Contributing positively to environmental sustainability

Volvo Group has a long-standing partnership with WWF and its Climate Savers program and we are committed to take urgent action to combat climate change. Volvo Group also hosts the Construction Climate Challenge where we invite stakeholders and decision makers from all areas and levels of the construction industry to unite around sustainability research and development.

Volvo Group continuously works to increase environmental efficiency in our own operations and also strives to develop environmentally enhanced products that pioneer a more sustainable commercial vehicle industry.

To read more about Volvo Group’s environmental activities, please visit our Annual and Sustainability Report (PDF, 10.7 MB)?or look at the link below.

Environmental Care
Training schools in Africa

Educating and developing skills

The Volvo Group conducts a variety of professional training programs in emerging and established markets worldwide, focusing on vocational training for technicians, mechanics, drivers, operators and factory workers that equips them with the right skills for roles in the transport and construction industries.

In many countries, the transport and construction industries face a shortage of people with the right competencies and our vocational training programs facilitate employment opportunities within the local community, while securing the long-term development of our business.

In the latest years, Volvo Group has made a strategic commitment to support vocational training schools in Africa in collaboration with strategic partners. So far, we have established schools in Morocco, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Read more about our Training schools in Africa

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The Volvo Group Annual Report 2019

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