CSR & Sustainability

Driving prosperity through transport solutions requires us to create value for the Volvo Group, our stakeholders and society at large. The Volvo Group's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are important parts for succeeding. The CSR and Sustainability approach is divided into three parts: our value chain activities, sustainable transport solutions and our role in society. By focusing on these three areas we build resilience and mitigate risk through embedding CSR and sustainability into daily work.

As a signatory of the?United Nations (UN) Global Compact, partner in the?WWF Climate Savers program, and supporter of the?UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we consider global trends and challenges, international norms of responsible business behavior and stakeholder expectations when developing our work.

Seasonal Gift

Seasonal Gift

Volvo Group seasonal gift on behalf of its employees aims to contribute to resolve the societies' challenges in the local markets, serving to create prosperity in the communities.

Read about local initiatives funded by Seasonal Gift
Our value chain activities

Our value chain activities

We develop, produce and deliver products and services responsibly and sustainably. Looking at our value chain through a customer lens supports our work towards our strategic objectives. To succeed, customer focus is part of every decision.

Customer focus translates into securing supplies through long-term relationships and a selection process based on quality, price and responsible behavior. Read more on the Volvo Group Supplier Portal. For our distribution and service networks, availability and customer uptime is prioritized and secured.

Every employee in the Volvo Group is responsible to follow the principles in our Code of Conduct. By actively integrating CSR and sustainability into our policies and guidelines helps us minimize risk, protect our reputation, and attract high-performing talent.

Towards sustainable transport

For future transport solutions we prioritize automation, connectivity, electromobility and alternative fuels as key enablers since we believe they will change today’s transport industry. Read more on the R&D and Innovations page.

We partner with leading public and private sector stakeholders and collaborate with globally respected organizations to push ourselves, our sector, and society in a more sustainable direction. We have co-chaired the United Nations High Level Advisory Group on sustainable transport. We also play an active role in numerous local, regional and cross-border governmental initiatives to assess the viability of sustainable transport systems. And we work closely with policy makers to ensure infrastructure supports our innovative solutions.

Our role in society

Our role in society

Transports drive growth, growth drives our customers’ business and our customers’ business drives our business. For the Volvo Group it is important to influence growth towards a sustainable society. We create societal value by actively engaging in the communities where we live and operate.

The Volvo Group has societal engagement programs based on the creating shared value principle. The programs drive strategic and smart initiatives, where societal and business needs meet our unique assets and expertise, in order to maximize the value created for all our stakeholders. We also have a disaster relief fund, to provide immediate support to catastrophes where our help is needed.

European Transport Forum

The European Transport Forum (ETF) is a platform for open debate on the future of European Transport, created by Volvo Group Representation EU.?

One of its main objectives is to bring together different stakeholders around legislative topics related to the transport industry, to debate issues prior to new EU legislation. The inaugural debate took place in 2004, and over the years the ETF has attracted a growing and outstanding audience.

European Transport Forum

Views on Prosperity

Views on Prosperity

Transport and infrastructure are closely linked to societal development. Martin Lundstedt, CEO and President Volvo Group talks about how Volvo Group drives prosperity.

Views on Prosperity

Modern logistics is a prerequisite for our economic welfare: transport helps combat poverty. We contribute to prosperity on the road, off road, in the city, at sea.

Prosperity in practice

Revolutionary Volvo Penta-powered electric fire trucks are on their way to customers

Three pioneering fire trucks featuring Volvo Penta electric drivelines are on their way to fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai to begin real-world customer testing....

First Mack LR Electric model begins service with New York City Department of Sanitation

Volvo Group’s subsidiary Mack Trucks has turned over the keys to its highly anticipated Mack? LR Electric demonstration model to New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) officials, who will put it through rigorous, real-world trials....

NFI begins piloting Volvo VNR Electric heavy-duty trucks in Southern California

Through the Volvo LIGHTS project, third-party supply chain solutions provider NFI will demonstrate the ability for battery-electric trucks to successfully transport freight under a variety of operating conditions.


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